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How does it work?

All our systems are formed by three parts:



We install sensors that collect different types of data: temperature and humidity, water or electricity consumption, among others.



We provide a web platform for storage and display of all the information collected. The main focus is to generate reports for better decision making.



We integrate various sources of information to the platform to have a global vision of your business in order to enable better decision-making.

What do we do for your company?

We seek to connect your company with information in the physical world. Having this information will enable your company to have better understanding of associated costs to equipment maintenance, power consumption, control of personnel, proactive alarms, among others.

Some of the questions we answer are How does weather affect my business? What kind of advertising attracts more customers to my store? How many KW / h consumed this machine?

Our products

We have a variety of solutions that can meet certain needs of your company.

Let’s you count people entering your store or business. We tailor solutions to ensure a flow with minimal error.

It’s a smart meter that facilitates the control of electricity consumption and generates a consumption profile.

It’s a smart meter that facilitates the control of electricity consumption and generates a consumption profile.

It allows you to measure, generate a record and keep track of water consumption.


The platform allows you to receive reports, set alarms, keep a record among others:

Use everywhere

Flatbox is the perfect system hardware and software. It is designed to run in a web browser, smartphone or tablet, either from your office or on the move.

Business Solutions

Flatbox addresses the needs of large and small businesses, from restaurants to large factories. It works with hardware accessories and software that will simplify the management of your business.

Grow your business

Flatbox is responsible for maintaining a database with all the readings of all your devices, provides analysis and valuable insights. So you can stay focus on your business.

Intelligent Platform Service

We make continuous improvements through free updates, this way we make sure to deliver a solution that evolves with your needs. We also have different levels of permissions and notifications where set alerts to your critical measurements. You can send them by email or SMS.

Contact Us

Via 4 1-30 Zone 4
Campus TEC Office 704
Phone: +502 2360-1923